No.                 Subject                                    Attachments                      
NO.0164 S. 2014 Two-Day Training Workshop for Kindergarten Teachers on the Utilization of K-12 Curriculum Guide and the National Kindergarten Curriculum  
NO.0166 S. 2014 Delivery of Learner's Materials for Grade 7 and Grade 9  
NO.0166 S. 2014  Cash Allowance (Chalk Allowance)CY 2014  
NO.0169 S. 2014  Teacher Induction Program for Teachers Hired 2013-2014   
NO.0171 S. 2014    Math and Science Quizz Bee 2014  
NO.0172 S. 2014   Postponement of the 3-Day Seminar Workshop on Science Invistigatory Project (SIP)  
NO.0173 S. 2014 Seminar Workshop on Coaching on Selected Sports Events  
NO.0174 S. 2014   Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No. 080 s. 2014 Dated May 07, 2014 on Vacant Items  
NO.0176 S. 2014   Follow-Up Counterpart ABK3 LEAP Project  





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