A package of local initiatives to uplift the current educational situation in the City Division of Bayawan for the School Years 2011-2017.

This program seeks to address the shortages of the five crucial educational resources (teachers, classrooms, seats, books and toilets) that will lead to the positive changes in the education performance indicators namely, participation rate, drop-out rate, cohort survival rate, achievement rate and completion rate.

With the coming together of all the political leaders, internal and external stakeholders, Bayawan can soar to its highest levels and be nationally and globally recognized for putting more effort in the Education For All 2015 Philippine commitment to the global community and as well as the call to respond to alarming climate change.

Bayaw Bayawan seeks to drumbeat every Bayawanon spirit to get out of their way to help  our schools. 


  • Intensive ADSOCMOB – on going
  • Attended the City Council Session to present Division Report Card -done
  • Conduct of Education Summit involving all political leaders and PTA Presidents, Faculty Presidents, School Heads and SPG and SSG Presidents and informing them of  the real scenario  of education in the Division of Bayawan City -done
  • Conduct of the Annual SODA – on going
  • Capability Building for SHs and Teachers – on going
  • Community Reading Activity for all Schools for Grades 1-3. –for implementation
  • Hybrid Schools – “Eskwelang Gipasayon Aron ang Tanan Matigayon” by the SALSCs

( Halad Alang sa Tingusbawan)

  •  Requisition of the needed teacher and school head items in congress
  • Provision of textbooks and other instructional materials for secondary schools
  • Construction of additional classrooms for kindergarten, elementary and high schools
  • MTB-MLE Strengthened Implementation – Big Book for the Great Men and Women of Bayawan
  • Culture and Arts Preservation – c/o City Tourism Council
  • Heritage Identification and Preservation – c/o City Tourism Council
  • Environmental Preservation thru Tree Nurturing 
          “ Planting of jackfruit tress in the school premises to address NGP ”  - c/o DA

  • Strengthened ALS and DORP
  • Provision of Monthly subsidy to teachers by the LGU  - for implementation – c/o LGU
  • Designation of School ALS coordinators – Honorarium  c/o LGU
  • Taking care of the teachers welfare  - on going
  • Minimization of Plastic Usage Policy  - on going
  • Sustainable Breakfast Feeding Programs

          GPAK-on going

  • Strengthened EHCP  - on going
  • Maintenance and Repairs of classrooms and other school facilities through community-based engagements “Dagyaw”
  • Bonding and Teambuilding of personnel and teachers
  • Spiritual Quotient Enhancement for SHs and Teacher                                    

  • Project Paghigugma:  (Sub-project)
  • Provision of Php50/per hour subsidy to teachers handling Saturday classes for DORP/OHS/OEP
  • Designation of DORP/OEP/OHS School Coordinator  with Php50 an hour services rendered on Saturday classes program
  • (additional information will be added later)

Calendar of Activities